The Man To Love Me Through This…

Wendy & Dave Morgan
Wendy & Dave Morgan

I met the man of my dreams in 1991 and I rediscovered him two years ago as he came along side me in this journey that is cancer. Dave has always been there for me but over the years I had come to take this for granted.

Like every marriage we’ve had our ups and downs; with the stresses of raising a family, and just the business of everyday life. When I was diagnosed with cancer our life came to a sudden stop and the things that seemed to consume our time weren’t so important any more. I learned to cherish my husband again, and in return I got a husband who is worth cherishing.

Because of this, I can honestly say that if given the chance to change what I have gone through I wouldn’t do it. I have come to appreciate and love Dave at a deeper level than ever before and I know we are blessed to have the relationship we do.

A couple months ago Dave gave me the lyrics to a song and told me,

“This is the husband I want to be for you”.

So to quote the country wisdom of Martina McBride in her song “I’m Gonna Love You Through It”;

When you’re weak I’ll be strong        

               When you let go I’ll hold on;

          When you feel lost, scared to death

               Like you can’t take one more step,

          Just take my hand

               Together we can do it

          I’m going to love you through it.”

 And he has done just that.

He’s the man who, with every fiber of his being wants to “fix it” when I hurt, has learned to just be there.

He’s the man who can always find the good in me.

He’s the man who told me it’s an honor to care for me, even if that means holding my hair while I throw up.

He’s the man who brought pruners to the hospital so he could cut a branch that always caught on my wig.

He’s the man who has made it his life’s mission to make my stoic doctor laugh no matter what and in the process has me cracking up when I might want to cry instead.

He’s the man who has helped me through all of this with his wonderful sense of humor; always making me laugh even when other people may think we’re nuts.

He’s the man who loves me in a way everyone can see and I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

Our life isn’t perfect and the stresses we face now make the others pale in comparison, but when things get tough we jokingly tell each other,

“You’re lucky I love you baby because next time I’m marrying for money.” This may be why people think we’re nuts.

We are thankful that we have the strength of each other, and our faith in a good God who is going to love us through this as we are…..just living the thing.

3 thoughts on “The Man To Love Me Through This…

  1. Saundra Vaudreuil

    WOW!!! I almost couldn’t read that through my tears. You both are very lucky to have eachother. I am so happy that you guys share the kind of love you do. Love you two!!

  2. dj stoner

    I can’t even talk for the tears. The two of you are so amazing. Sure, it’s been a long road, but the two of you know when you get to the fork of the road, you know which one to choose. With your faith and strength you draw from each other, how can you go wrong. Dave, you even got her surgeon touching on your humor. I am grateful, thankful and happy that the two of you have each other. God bless.

  3. Dave sounds like my husband through this journey. He somehow makes me laugh even when I’m in a puddle of tears and he takes care of me and the kids after working a full day when I was having rough days. It takes a strong and special man to love us through this and like you, I wouldn’t change this journey for anything! Continued prayers for you!

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